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Well this is exciting. I am in the midst of updating my website so that it is more user friendly with the ability for direct “E-Commerce” for purchasing my photography. There is more work to this than I thought but I have always said its the short term pain for the long term gain. I am really hoping that you will take a few minutes to check out my galleries and the other sections and give me your feedback on the “contact me” page. The reason for my site is for you to enjoy my work, my stories and my desire to make this a site that you will return to and enjoy. I want to share my vissions, travel excursion and photography lessons learned with you as I continue to grow. So please, all your comments will be appreciated, even the ones that might be somewhat as constructive critism. Its really important to me.

Blogging is something new to me but I am going to be dedicated to making regular posts that will include stories behind pictures, my photographic style, photography tips and tricks and what ever else I think is important that would be of a learning journey for you too.

I do want to acknowledge my son, Richard, right from the get go who has been instrumental in helping me not only to understand building and maintaining a website. He has lots of patience to keep me on the right track and keep things up to date and current. Of course I would rather be out in the fresh air scouting and hunting for the perfect picture of the day. But all in good time. I hope to blog once a week, for now, until this becomes part of my regular routine and the website is fully functining after a few tweaks here and there. Come back to read my next blog on my photographic style. If you havent heard of WABI SABI then make sure you come back and find out more about my WABI SABI style and a few picture examples.

There are a few pictures now in each of the galleries. If you haven’t explored my galleries yet, take a minute.   “galleries”                                                                                                            

In the near future I will be starting monthly newsletters. If you wish to be included on my regular mailing list to recieve these directly just sign up on the right. Those on my mailing list will be eligable for purchase discounts of photographs and e-books and special articles.

Let me know what you think.

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